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Crumbling concrete: Raac found in 18 more hospitals in England

Eighteen more hospitals in England contain potentially crumbling concrete, bring the total affected to 42, the Department of Health has confirmed. The reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) has also been found in 214 schools and colleges in England as well as thousands of other buildings. Keep reading via BBC News.

International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

🌍🚫 It’s the start of International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week! 🚫🌍 Join the ISSE in raising awareness about the health risks associated with lead exposure. Let’s spotlight global efforts to protect children from this harmful toxin and accelerate the elimination of lead in paint. Despite progress, lead exposure, especially in childhood, is still a major […]

Clouds now contain plastic, risking contamination of ‘everything we eat and drink’

Clouds now contain microscopic pieces of plastic that in turn are causing “plastic rainfall”, according to a new study. Scientists fear that these particles of less than 5mm – known as microplastics – could be contaminating “nearly everything we eat and drink”. Keep reading via Independent

Why you get condensation on windows every morning – and easy ways to stop it

While condensation can appear on windows at any time of. year, it’s normally far more frequent during the colder months. And while you might think those water droplets are harmless, they can become a huge problem if they regularly affect the same spots. Keep reading via The Mirror.

Six decades of plankton decline sparks call to protect the foundation of the marine food web

The decline in plankton abundance in the North East Atlantic over the past six decades should serve as a red flag to policy makers about the need to protect some of the planet’s most critical forms of life, a new study has warned. Scientists from across western Europe carried out the most comprehensive assessment to […]

Cornwall beaches give clues to global climate change impact

A study of fossilised beaches in Cornwall and other parts of Europe has given “important clues” on how climate change will impact the globe. Scientists from the UK, USA and Canada said they were able to demonstrate for the first time how melting Antarctic ice sheets had an impact on global sea levels in the […]

Chris Witty: Air fresheners and wood burners are air pollution risk

Air fresheners and wood burners contribute to air pollution despite many people believing the reverse to be true, Sir Chris Whitty has said. The Chief Medical Officer for England told MPs he would have “no problem” telling someone with an asthmatic child not to use air freshener. He also said people who use wood burners should only do so “when it really matters […]

The Indian Ocean’s heat is having effects on land, too. NOAA Coral Reef Watch Ocean heat is off the charts – here’s what that means for humans and ecosystems around the world

Ocean temperatures have been off the charts since mid-March 2023, with the highest average levels in 40 years of satellite monitoring, and the impact is breaking through in disruptive ways around the world. Read more via The Conversation.