What is the ISSE?


The ISSE is:-

    • A UK based International, mutual, not for profit, charitable and commercially unbiased Institute.
    • An OFQUAL compliant competence assessment based Further and Higher Educational Training Guidance Qualification Awarding Body.
    • Controlled and managed by scientifically qualified personnel who have no conflicting financial interests.
    • Committed to Raising Standards in the Pursuit of Excellence within the whole Construction & Built Environment industry.
    • Dedicated to protecting the interests of consumers, the NHS and the world environment through the ISSE Code of Professional Conduct (COPC) and Treat Clients Honestly & Fairly Policy (TCHFP) and the provision of services consistent with honest, ethical and recognised best practices.

What does the ISSE do?

Provides members with:-

    • Independent authoritative recognition of members Competence Rating.
    • Access to public enquiries generated by the ISSE.
    • Access to unique enquiries generated by the ISSE/NHS partnership.
    • Access to a holistic range of career enhancing and confidence boosting UK Building Safety Act “Gold Standardsw Ofqual compliant educational training guidance and qualification opportunities (that range from foundation to post graduate degree level) provided on an easy going online and/or in person event and Competence Assessment basis (without the need to attend University or undertake formal examination) comprising:-
      • Further Education (FE) – Ofqual Competence Rating level 1-3
        (Holistic Foundation Awareness Accreditation)
        • Level 1-2 equates to GCSE grades 1-6 (G-B) – AFFILIATE status (eg: Students/Apprentices/Trainees/DIY Enthusiasts)
        • Level 3 equates to GCSE grades 7-9 (A-A*) – ASSOCIATE status (eg: Specialist Surveyors/Engineers/Managers)
      • Higher Education (HE) – Ofqual Competence Rating level 5-7
        (Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / lifelong learning (LL) Awareness Reaccreditation)
        • Level 5 equates to Higher National Diploma level – MEMBER Status (eg: Senior Surveyors/Engineers/Managers)
        • Level 6 equates to Graduate Degree level – FELLOW Status (eg: Consultant Surveyors/Engineers)
        • Level 7 equates to a Post Graduate Degree level – FELLOW College of Fellows status (eg: Building Pathologists/Expert Witnesses/Scientists)