As a member of the ISSE, you will join a community of people and businesses who believe in the professional standards in the Built, Ecological and Social Value Environments.

We offer our members an authoritative source of technical guidance and expertise. Additionally, we provide opportunities for the development of Skills, Knowledge, Experience, and Ethical Behaviour through our unique industry-leading ‘Gold Standard’ Register ‘All-Life’ competence and conduct assessment qualification programme.

If you are a manufacturer-approved installer, you will know that it will soon be a legal requirement for competence validation through a professional institute. By joining ISSE, you’ll get access to our unique range of training, competence, conduct, and assessment qualification programmes. This will help ensure that you are not only meeting the up-to-date industry-wide requirements necessary to gain a competitive advantage but also mitigating potential litigation risks.

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There are three categories of ISSE membership – AFFILIATE, CORPORATE and PROFESSIONAL:

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