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Crumbling concrete: Raac found in 18 more hospitals in England

Eighteen more hospitals in England contain potentially crumbling concrete, bring the total affected to 42, the Department of Health has confirmed. The reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) has also been found in 214 schools and colleges in England as well as thousands of other buildings. Keep reading via BBC News.

Investigation finds NHS buildings ‘in a bad way’ with chemical leaks

Buildings across the NHS “are in a very bad way and getting worse”, with the Government being warned that patients “deserve better”. It comes after an investigation by the Liberal Democrats found evidence of chemical leaks in patient areas at a number of hospitals in England, as well as broken fire alarms in some facilities. Read more […]

Decarbonising our built environment is crucial to reaching our 2050 goals

Ground Engineering student editor and Loughborough University civil engineering student Jaya Basra takes a closer look at carbon management in infrastructure. PAS 2080 was the world’s first specification created for carbon management in buildings and infrastructure. It forms a global standard that has been authored to meet the requirements of the World Trade Organisation. Through intelligent […]

Indoor air quality in sustainable, energy efficient buildings

Building designers. contractors, owners, and managers have long been challenged with providing quality indoor environments at a reasonable energy cost. Current efforts to improve building energy efficiency, including goals of sustainability and net-zero energy use, are bringing more focus on how to simultaneously achieve energy efficiency and good indoor air quality (IQA). While energy efficiency […]

How can a building’s fit-out affect its sustainability credentials?

Occupiers are demanding best-in-class sustainability credentials from their buildings. But they unknowingly risk rendering those credentials redundant through their fit-out Sustainability is now top of the agenda for many businesses, driven by a growing expectation from their customers to respond to the effects of climate change. As they look to reduce their carbon footprint, there […]

Respiratory illness and buildings: Five design principles for future risk mitigation

The spread of a virus like we haven’t seen before changed the way we live and work forever. In the wake of a global crisis, the conversation surrounding health was amplified, making one thing clear: health and wellbeing are the foundation for a quality life. Keep reading on Buror Happold.