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Cornwall beaches give clues to global climate change impact

A study of fossilised beaches in Cornwall and other parts of Europe has given “important clues” on how climate change will impact the globe. Scientists from the UK, USA and Canada said they were able to demonstrate for the first time how melting Antarctic ice sheets had an impact on global sea levels in the […]

Fungi makes a meal of hard-to-recycle plastic

Polypropylene, a hard-to-recycle plastic, has successfully been biodegraded by two strains of fungi in a new experiment led by researchers at the University of Sydney. Polypropylene has long been recycling’s head scratching riddle. A common plastic used for a wide variety of products from packaging and toys to furnishing and fashion, it accounts for roughly […]

Catalyst cleans up CO2 better with different preparation

An international research team led by Bert Weckhuysen (Utrecht University) and Sara Bals (University of Antwerp) has shown that a promising catalyst for clearing CO2 becomes significantly more active and selective if its pretreatment is modified. The scientists have visualized the mechanism underlying this concept with unparalleled precision. The results of the study are published in Science on […]