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An epic global study of moss reveals it is far more vital to Earth’s ecosystems than we knew

Mosses are some of the oldest land plants. They are found all over the world, from lush tropical rainforests to the driest deserts, and even the wind-swept hills of Antarctica. They are everywhere; growing in cracks along roads and pathways, on the trunks of trees, on rocks and buildings, and importantly, on the soil. Yet despite […]

The Magic of Moss: The Tiny Plant Absorbs 6x More CO2 Than Other Plants, Says New Study

Spongy, uniquely green, and allegedly good with directions, Earth’s ubiquitous mosses are more important to ecosystems than they appear. Found in at least 12,000 species living everywhere from snow-capped mountains to red-hot deserts, moss is the oldest living relative of all plants, but despite its age it seem to hold the key to many of […]