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Membranes offer breath of fresh air for buildings

BREATHER membranes play a key role within the building envelope. They facilitate the release of excess moisture vapour into the exterior, helping to keep internal wall roofing structures dry and protect the condition of insulation layers. They can also serve a valuable purpose as a line of defence against water penetration during the construction stage […]

Hidden Fungus on your pillow that can trigger and incurable lung infection

Laid low with a fever, chills, dizziness and muffled hearing, 36-year-old Stewart Armstrong assumed he was suffering from a bad bout of flu. Two week later, with no sign of improvement and under pressure from his partner, Janine the businessman went to see his GP. The doctor could find nothing obviously wrong and prescribed pills […]

Environmental contamination and hospital-acquired infection: factors that are easily overlooked

There is an ongoing debate about the reasons for and factors contributing to healthcare-associated infection (HAI). It appears that these infections are complex and their investigation involves multidisciplinary teams, including: Read more via National Library of Medicine.

Holistic approach urgent for health of people, animals and environment

In a statement, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, FAO chief QU Dongyu, UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen, and WOHA’s head, Monique Eloit, stressed the need to prioritize “One Health” approaches, to invest in building workforces with cross-sectoral skills, and to prevent health threats at the source, with close attention paid to zoonotic diseases. Read the full article […]

Study on modern diets and how they impact the environment

A review article published in the journal Nutrients describes the impact of six popular diets on human health as well as planetary health. The health and environmental impacts of these diets have been compared in the review using carbon footprint databases and representative meal plans. Keep reading via News-Medical website.

Wildlife leaders rejoice as road schemes scrapped over environment concerns

It comes after a major review of road building in Wales. The news was welcomed by leaders from wildlife trusts in the country. The article writes: “Building more roads to accommodate more cars not only damages the climate but destroys vital habitats for wildlife.” Keep reading on Shropshire Star.

Using coral geochemistry to understand environmental conditions

Coral reef ecosystems are declining globally. Understanding the occurrence and mechanism of decline is important, but tracing past pollution and climate events that impact coral populations is difficult owing to sparse monitoring. Keep reading on Nature.Com.

How you can help Britain meet its net zero climate goal

One of the greatest problems of tackling climate change is that the individuals feel powerless because the task seems so great. Many simply carry on as they are because they do not know what to do, but as extreme weather gets worse, people get more anxious about the need to do something. Keep reading via […]

RSPB research shows value of environment schemes

An RSPB study has revealed that farmland bird populations thrive under higher-tier agri-environment management systems when farmers devote at least 10% of their land to wildlife-friendly practices. The study, which was funded by Natural England and backed by leading bird research charity BTO, recorded changes in numbers of farmland birds across farms within high- and […]