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Honeybees found to be less effective pollinators than native species

A pair of ecologists with the University of California has found that honeybees are not as good at pollinating flowers as native pollinators. In their study, reported in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Dillon Travis and Joshua Kohn obtained samples of pollinated flowers in the wild and compared them to see how well they […]

Contaminated river contains toxic ‘forever chemicals’ says Environment Agency

A river was found to contain all combinations of toxic chemicals tested for by the Environment Agency (EA) in a recent study. Officials discovered a “cocktail” of PFAS – the collective name for the group of nearly 10,000 industrial and household substances including PFOS and PFOA – in the River Ouse, which runs from near […]

Wildlife leaders rejoice as road schemes scrapped over environment concerns

It comes after a major review of road building in Wales. The news was welcomed by leaders from wildlife trusts in the country. The article writes: “Building more roads to accommodate more cars not only damages the climate but destroys vital habitats for wildlife.” Keep reading on Shropshire Star.

RSPB research shows value of environment schemes

An RSPB study has revealed that farmland bird populations thrive under higher-tier agri-environment management systems when farmers devote at least 10% of their land to wildlife-friendly practices. The study, which was funded by Natural England and backed by leading bird research charity BTO, recorded changes in numbers of farmland birds across farms within high- and […]