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Climate Change Committee 2023 Progress Report to Parliament

This year saw the release of new detail on the Government’s plans for Net Zero with the publication of the Carbon Budget Delivery Plan (CBDP) prompted by last year’s High Court judgement. But policy development continues to be too slow and our assessment of the CBDP has raised new concerns. Despite new detail from Government, […]

Demand for engineers increasing, with rapid growth in green jobs

As the UK ramps up its focus on becoming a net zero economy, a new report commissioned by EngineeringUK finds that demand for engineers is predicted to grow faster than for other occupations and that vacancies for ‘green engineering’[1] roles in the UK have increased by more than half (55%) over the last 5 years. Read more via […]

Net Zero offers real ‘levelling up’, but Government must get behind green jobs

By committing to the Net Zero target, the UK has already embarked on a transition that will materially transform much of the economy; it is an opportunity for growth in high-quality jobs, distributing opportunities across UK regions. Around 250,000 jobs have already been created in the transition, but the full workforce opportunities will only be […]

Going green, or going nowhere: UK energy industry warns government

The energy industry has sounded a warning bell, urging the government to accelerate the pace of its net zero targets. Regen’s Chief Executive Officer Merlin Hyman, responded to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee’s report on the decarbonisation of the power sector, warning that policy uncertainty and the lack of a clear delivery plan could put the 2035 […]

UK creates Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

The former Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Department will be split into the Energy Security and Net Zero Department, a promise made by Rishi Sunak during his Tory leadership campaign and the Department for Business and Trade. Keep reading on Energy Live News

How you can help Britain meet its net zero climate goal

One of the greatest problems of tackling climate change is that the individuals feel powerless because the task seems so great. Many simply carry on as they are because they do not know what to do, but as extreme weather gets worse, people get more anxious about the need to do something. Keep reading via […]