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Hidden Fungus on your pillow that can trigger and incurable lung infection

Laid low with a fever, chills, dizziness and muffled hearing, 36-year-old Stewart Armstrong assumed he was suffering from a bad bout of flu. Two week later, with no sign of improvement and under pressure from his partner, Janine the businessman went to see his GP. The doctor could find nothing obviously wrong and prescribed pills […]

Grenfell contractor company among 11 facing ‘ban’ on building for failure to sign remediation pledge

The government has revealed the names of 11 developers that failed to sign its contract to fix fire safety defects, and face being frozen “out of the housebuilding business unless and until they change course”. Keep reading on Inside Housing website. The details in this story were accurate as of 15 March 2023, and the […]

How can a building’s fit-out affect its sustainability credentials?

Occupiers are demanding best-in-class sustainability credentials from their buildings. But they unknowingly risk rendering those credentials redundant through their fit-out Sustainability is now top of the agenda for many businesses, driven by a growing expectation from their customers to respond to the effects of climate change. As they look to reduce their carbon footprint, there […]

Respiratory illness and buildings: Five design principles for future risk mitigation

The spread of a virus like we haven’t seen before changed the way we live and work forever. In the wake of a global crisis, the conversation surrounding health was amplified, making one thing clear: health and wellbeing are the foundation for a quality life. Keep reading on Buror Happold.

Asbestos was found in at least 695 NHS buildings in Scotland

Although it only becomes a real danger if it is disturbed, the article reads: “If asbestos is in a building, it will at some point become dangerous if it’s disturbed, so we need plans in place for its removal from all public buildings.” Keep reading on The Scotsman.

Experts’ urgent warning on painting over mould and damp – and how to treat it properly

If you’ve got black mould in your home, your first instinct will be to get rid of it – but simply painting over it is a big no-no, as there are better ways to deal with it to stop it from coming back. Black mould is unsightly, bad for your health, and can cause issues […]