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What is electro-culture gardening? Experts on this new trend

This centuries-old planting trick is having a resurgence – and experts claim it will help you grow better garden vegetables! The method makes use of electromagnetic fields to boost soil fertility and stimulate plant growth and no, it doesn’t involve any complex wiring or expensive machines. More via livingetc.

Schools struggle over RAAC crumbling concrete measures

The education secretary has said she is sorry the call to close some schools over unsafe concrete came at the “worst time” just before the start of term. Gillian Keegan, speaking on BBC Radio 2, also told 5% of schools who had not replied to a survey about RAAC concrete to “get off their backsides”. […]

Investigation finds NHS buildings ‘in a bad way’ with chemical leaks

Buildings across the NHS “are in a very bad way and getting worse”, with the Government being warned that patients “deserve better”. It comes after an investigation by the Liberal Democrats found evidence of chemical leaks in patient areas at a number of hospitals in England, as well as broken fire alarms in some facilities. Read more […]

Getting to the root of the problem in tree digital twin models

Trees have immeasurable societal benefits. They provide wood, absorb carbon dioxide, and shelter animals and insects, but also provide shade and space for people to relax. Although forests have been studied and observed for millennia, there are still many open questions to their growth and health. One of them is understanding the way trees consume resources. While […]

Forests Are Losing Their Ability to Hold Carbon

U.S. forests could worsen global warming instead of easing it because they are being destroyed by natural disasters and are losing their ability to absorb planet-warming gases as they get older, a new Agriculture Department report says. The report predicts that the ability of forests to absorb carbon will start plummeting after 2025 and that […]

Biodiversity Net Gain moves a step closer with more funding

Organisations are also encouraged to apply if they would like to be ‘responsible bodies’ for new conservation legal agreements. New nature positive developments moved a step closer today with additional government support announced to enable the rollout of Biodiversity Net Gain. Read more via here

Anticyclones, marine heatwaves and climate change: The science behind Europe’s brutal summer

Europe’s July heatwaves were made 950 times more likely because of human caused climate change, scientists have found. Imagine a future in which headlines celebrate a cool summer’s breeze returning to Europe’s shores. Southern cities again becoming liveable for residents and a safe bet for tourists. Read more via

Commission clueless on impact of environmental farming exemptions amid further requests

The European Commission is in the process of considering whether to grant further farming exemptions from environmental measures following requests from member states, although it does not yet have a clear idea about the impact of previous derogations on food security. In efforts to counter the impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU previously […]