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1️⃣ Move over solar power – AI photosynthesis breakthrough: 2️⃣ Common Herbicides Linked to Cognitive Dip: 3️⃣ How Earth’s 6000°C Core Could Help Save Us: 4️⃣ New Portable Water Treatment System Vaporizes 99% of ‘Forever Chemicals’ 5️⃣ ‘I’m a heating expert – here are the key things to check with your […]

Why you get condensation on windows every morning – and easy ways to stop it

While condensation can appear on windows at any time of. year, it’s normally far more frequent during the colder months. And while you might think those water droplets are harmless, they can become a huge problem if they regularly affect the same spots. Keep reading via The Mirror.

What is RAAC concrete and why is it a safety risk?

Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) is a lightweight material that was used mostly in flat roofing, but also in floors and walls, between the 1950s and 1990s. It is a cheaper alternative to standard concrete, is quicker to produce and easier to install. It is aerated, or “bubbly”, like an Aero chocolate bar. But it […]

Six decades of plankton decline sparks call to protect the foundation of the marine food web

The decline in plankton abundance in the North East Atlantic over the past six decades should serve as a red flag to policy makers about the need to protect some of the planet’s most critical forms of life, a new study has warned. Scientists from across western Europe carried out the most comprehensive assessment to […]

Urban October 2023

Urban October is an opportunity for everyone to be part of the conversation about the challenges and opportunities created by the fast rate of change in our cities and towns. Each October, everyone interested in sustainable urbanisation from national and local governments to universities, NGOs, and communities is encouraged to hold or participate in activities, […]

October deadline for higher risk building registration & Building Safety Act provisions approaching: What do you need to know?

The recent publication of The Higher-Risk Buildings (Management of Safety Risks etc) (England) Regulations 2023 (the Regulations) serve as a timely reminder that the deadline for the registration of higher-risk buildings is fast approaching. Read more via IFSEC Global.

HSE publishes fire safety guidance for building planning stage

Advice on the fire safety matters that should be considered by local planning authorities, applicants and other technical specialists involved in high rise residential and educational accommodation buildings at the planning stage, has been published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Ron Alalouff reports. Read more on the SHP Online website.

An epic global study of moss reveals it is far more vital to Earth’s ecosystems than we knew

Mosses are some of the oldest land plants. They are found all over the world, from lush tropical rainforests to the driest deserts, and even the wind-swept hills of Antarctica. They are everywhere; growing in cracks along roads and pathways, on the trunks of trees, on rocks and buildings, and importantly, on the soil. Yet despite […]