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New Battery Beats Tesla’s Lithium-Ion By A Mile With 100x Cheaper Price Tag, 100% Recyclable and Longer Lifespan

The world’s energy landscape is witnessing a major transformation with the advent of a pioneering start-up, Airthium. Committed to revolutionising energy storage, Airthium has developed a groundbreaking mechanical ‘battery’ that boasts 100% recyclability, a longer lifespan, and 1/100th the cost of lithium-ion batteries at $2/MWh. The start-up recently launched on Wefunder, a popular start-up investing site […]

Openreach on Concerns Over Lead Poisoning from Old UK Cables

he Wall Street Journal in America recently ran an alarming multipage story that warned of how lead-insulated telecoms cables, which were installed decades ago, had been found to allegedly be poisoning the ground and nearby water. Similar cables were installed by BT (GPO) in the UK, but do they still pose a risk? Read more via IS Preview. 

See Where The Planet’s Carbon Dioxide Comes From In Incredible NASA Visualisation

NASA’s Scientific Visualisation Studio has released three powerful videos that show just how much carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere each year, from what sources, and from where on the planet. And they show just how much fossil fuel burning by industrialised countries plays a role in the amount of greenhouse gases released into […]

A sweaty robot may help humans understand impact of soaring heat

What happens to the body when a human gets heatstroke? How can we protect ourselves in a warming planet? To answer these burning questions, Arizona researchers have deployed a robot that can breathe, shiver and sweat. The southwestern state’s capital Phoenix is currently enduring its longest heat wave in history: on Friday, the mercury exceeded […]

Vegan diet massively cuts environmental damage, study shows

Eating a vegan diet massively reduces the damage to the environment caused by food production, the most comprehensive analysis to date has concluded. The research showed that vegan diets resulted in 75% less climate-heating emissions, water pollution and land use than diets in which more than 100g of meat a day was eaten. Vegan diets […]

Fireproof fungus offers sustainable cladding alternative

Flat sheets of a fungal material could provide a safe and sustainable new way to fireproof buildings, according to researchers. The panels, developed by a team at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, are made of mycelium, a network of fungal strands that can thrive on organic waste and in darkness. Read more via IMECHE

The Magic of Moss: The Tiny Plant Absorbs 6x More CO2 Than Other Plants, Says New Study

Spongy, uniquely green, and allegedly good with directions, Earth’s ubiquitous mosses are more important to ecosystems than they appear. Found in at least 12,000 species living everywhere from snow-capped mountains to red-hot deserts, moss is the oldest living relative of all plants, but despite its age it seem to hold the key to many of […]

Climate Change Committee 2023 Progress Report to Parliament

This year saw the release of new detail on the Government’s plans for Net Zero with the publication of the Carbon Budget Delivery Plan (CBDP) prompted by last year’s High Court judgement. But policy development continues to be too slow and our assessment of the CBDP has raised new concerns. Despite new detail from Government, […]

BAFSA responds to new research highlighting “shockingly low-level of sprinklers” in high-rise residential buildings

The Chief Executive of the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA), Ali Perry, has praised a recent report in Inside Housing magazine that highlights the shockingly low-level of sprinklers retro-fitted in high-rise residential buildings since the Grenfell tragedy – that took place in June 2017. Read more via IFSEC Global