Mould and/or Mildew Growth

What is Mould and/or Mildew Growth?

Mould and Mildew are types of natural fungi which are invisibly present everywhere in the environment both internally and externally that thrive on cold and damp surfaces.

What are the signs of Mould and/or Mildew Growth?

  • Stale and musty odors
  • Visibly apparent mould and/or mildew growth

What are the causes of Mould and/or Mildew Growth? 

  • Excess airborne moisture condensing upon the interior of cold walls, floors and windows
  • Furniture closely positioned against the interior of external cold surfaces
  • Absent, poorly designed, inadequately maintained, defective and/or deficient Heating, Insulation, Airtight Draughtproofing, Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems

What are the consequences of Mould and/or Mildew Growth?

  • Indoor air pollution (excessive quantities of mould spores (Mycotoxins) If mould is left on surfaces that have mould will begin to rot. Mildew is the name for most common types of black mould on walls, plaster, wallpaper and timbers, and can be characterised by spots that can then spread over larger areas if left unresources.
  • In health, ??? potential prepare death of occupants.
  • Not only causes extreme lung disease such as aspergillosis in susceptible individuals and heart disease.



  • Potential degradation of affected building materials
  • Potential risk of thermal discomfort of thermal occupant 
  • Potential excess heat energy costs for building occupants 
  • Potential risk of illness, disease and premature death of building occupants 


Note: Removal cleaning of excessive mould/mildew/fungal growth without ??? equipment can cause the growth to emit mycotoxins which are extremly ?? to human as it can ?? and pass the blood/????

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