Insect/Vermin Infestation

What is insect infestation?

Insect infestation is when insects or parasites invade a property, outdoor area, plant or animal. for example mice, rats and pigeons

What are the signs of insect infestation?

  • Visibly apparent presence of live insects/vermin
  • Visibly apparent insect/vermin remains (carcasses)
  • Visibly apparent insect/vermin droppings
  • Visibly apparent insect/vermin holes/tunnels in materials
  • Visibly apparent insect/vermin evidence of nesting
  • Visibly apparent physical insect/vermin damage to the building fabrics and/or stored goods/material 
  • Visibly apparent insect/vermin grease marks and track

What are the consequences of failing to establish whether or not the infestation is current effectively eradicate the infestation?

  • Significant damage to the building structure and/or fabric and/or stored goods/materials
  • Health implications for the building occupants 

Bats are excluded due to being a protected species and must not be disturbed on this bases

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