Fungal Decay

What is fungal decay?

Fungal decay is when timber building components become wet or damp (in excess of approximately 20% moisture content) and affected wood destroying fungi and which is not reduced to below 20% moisture content as soon as possible.

What are the potential signs of fungal decay?

  • Visible evidence of darkened colour 
  • Visible evidence of shrinkage, cracking, crumbling and/or instability 
  • Visible evidence of growth of mushrooms,mycelium (Microscopic threadlike hyphaet  which can permeate adjalent masonary and/or White/Grey cotton wool like fur
  • Musty Smell

What are the consequences of unresolved fungal decay?

  • Airborne fungal spores contain allergens that can trigger a range of respiratory problem.
  • rectification of the ?? reinstatement and possible chemical preservative treatment can be extremely dicputive and expensive 

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