Visual Inspection

When you contact The ISSE Surveyor in assessing the condition of your property you are putting your trust in the person who is going to survey your house, identify the problems and their cause, make remedial recommendations and then ultimately implement those.

You want to be confident that the advice and recommendations you are given are honest and based upon detailed observations, survey, correct diagnosis and the remedy or recommendations appropriate to the building and your interests.

Sometimes when observing a structure the surveyor may make a judgement about a certain problem or aspect of a problem in relation to several issues such as the future use of the building and about areas he cannot inspect due to lack of access at the time of the inspection.

Judgements are often categorised as ‘essential’ or ‘recommended work’ this presents you with a choice as to which approach to adopt. There may also be areas he cannot inspect due to the presence of floor coverings, fitted furniture and other obstacles and for this reason it is important to discuss these issues with the surveyor also.

To this end ISSE surveyors are trained to high standards. Each inspection will usually involve the completion of a property inspection check list covering upwards of some 100 points and permutations regarding the condition of your property. Coupled with continuous training this helps target the problem areas successfully and helps the surveyor arrive at the correct diagnosis and therefore make reliable recommendations.

Should you have any doubts about any advice or recommendations The ISSE will be happy to arrange a second opinion and our surveyors would also like to re-inspect any areas which were not accessible at the time of our original inspection or to return to the property with you if you were absent during the first inspection. In that way we hope you will have every confidence in your dealings with our surveyors.