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In addition to being hazardous to your property (building) and your finances dampness (water) based issues, and/or the traditional solutions, can also be hazardous to people (humans) building occupants health comfort and financial well being and the planet (the world environment and climate change) should accordingly investigated from a holistic view point. 


Indoor damp and air pollution/ energy cost/climate change and the recommended remedial solutions often unnecessarily over specified over estimated/excessively valued/ costed and under guaranteed/ warranted and over emphasis upon chemical treatment and/or misdirected towards whilst ignoring/ avoiding more important solutions.


For improving the health (gained by eliminating indoor air pollutants) comfort ( gained by reducing temperature extremes) and financial energy cost saving for the occupants (gained/achieved  by reducing heat losses) and improving the health of the planet (by reducing Carbon Emissions) all using non chemical based solutions/systems. 


Excessive heating costs

Excessive carbon Emissions  


Properties can be adversely affected by a wide variety of adverse conditions some of which are not readily apparent to inadequately trained personnel/service providers some of which affect the property structure or fabric and some of which adversely affect the occupants and/or the planet   


In order to resolve/combat such adverse conditions the service provided by the construction and build environment industry has traditionally been trained and qualified on a specialist basis with only a few being competent on a holistic basis 

Since publication of the following 

  1. The Grenfell Tower inquest report ( dated 2018)
  2.  The building safety bill which was giver royal assent and became an act of parliament (dated 2022)
  3. The related upgrades of the regulations, guidelines, training and competence based qualification are now being gradually introduced on an industry wide transformational basis which require all the industry individual specialists to be retrained and qualified on a holistically awareness and gold standard complainant way/manner/method  (dated 2022 onwards)
  4. Whilst ISSE members have uniquely been trained on a holistic awareness basis this has not been mandatory prier to publication of this legislation.
  5. Since publication of this legislation such requirements are now mandatory 
  6. The ISSE philosophy of combined holistic training and high standards is now been introduced throughout the industry as a whole
  7. United nations climate change emergency recognition agreement
  8. Recognition by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the association of the health of people (property occupants) with property defects and deficiencies      
  9. Whilst remaining individual specialist service providers ISSE members have been traditionally encouraged to be holistically aware they are now best placed to provide clients with holistically based services and are the only professionally institute members that have direct access to the unique ISSE/ABBE level 7+ holistic gold standard complaint qualification 

Property Health

Structural Defect and Deficiency Concerns

People Health

Airborne/Living Environment Human Health and Comfort Concerns

Planet Health

Climate Change Emergency Concerns

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