Rule 1: Interpretation and Definitions

In these rules except where the context otherwise requires:-

    • a) “The Institute” shall mean the Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers – The ISSE.
    • b) The “Board” refers to the Board of Directors of the Institute or any Executive Committee appointed by the Board.
    • c) “Member” shall mean a member of the Institute satisfying the following:- 1. Has applied for membership in a manner implemented by the Board. ii. Has been accepted by the Institute as a member. iii. Has paid and continues to maintain payment of membership subscriptions. iv. Has agreed to be bound by the ISSE Code of Professional Conduct and Treat Clients Honestly and Fairly policy. v. Has agreed to be bound by the ISSE. vi. Has agreed to enhance their education and training on a Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
    • d) “Membership Category” shall mean the prescribed qualifying category comprising Professional Surveyor, Business Member, Technician or Student,
    • e) “Professional Surveyor” shall mean Specialist Surveyor or Engineer.
    • f) “Membership Grade” shall mean the prescribed qualifying grade within a designated category. Professional category members grades Associate, Member and Fellow are eligible to display the post nominals AISSE or A Inst SSE (Associate), MAISSE or M Inst SSE (Member) and FISSE or F Inst SSE (Fellow). Holders of the Diploma qualification are entitled to display Dip SS. Holders of multiple diplomas are entitled to display Dip LS and College of Fellows members are entitled to display CoF along with the ISSE logo on documentation issued in their name. Technician category members are eligible to display the post nominals TISSE or T Inst SSE after their name. Business category members are eligible to display the ISSE logo on documentation issued in their business name and also to apply to become ISSE licensed contractors. NB: All such memberships and grades are subject to members having achieved and maintained the requisite qualifying criteria at the sole discretion of ISSE board of directors.
    • g) “Client” shall mean a person or organisation that has instructed or intends to instruct a surveyor or engineer to carry out a survey, consultancy or other work.
    • h) The “Publicity Code” shall mean the requirement:-
      • i. That the name of the Institute, its logo or any reference to Institute Membership may only be shown in direct connection with the Member and shall not be used to imply any connection or membership status for any connected company, firm or organisation other than where the company, firm or organisation has separate membership status.
      • ii. That it is the Member’s duty to ensure that the Publicity Code is upheld by any company, firm or organisation with which he is associated including his employer. i) “Proper Conduct” shall mean the general conduct of all members and the following specific duties relating to Professional category Members:-
        • i. To establish the scope of the survey or other work required by the Client.
        • ii. To establish what the client wishes to achieve.
        • iii. To carry out the clients requirements with all due diligence.
        • iv. To report findings accurately and properly as appropriate.
        • v. To make appropriate recommendations
        • vi. To hold the business relationship with the client and/or with an employer in confidence at all material times.
        • vii. To not, without the written permission of an employer, render services that may conflict with the legitimate interest of that employer.
        • vii. To only undertake surveys or consultancies etc. for which the Member is properly qualified and experienced.
        • viii. To maintain adequate Public and Professional Indemnity insurance, as applicable.
    • j) Any words importing the masculine shall include the feminine and words in the singular shall include the plural when the context allows.

Rule 2: Business Conduct

A Member shall not obtain or attempt to obtain instructions (or allow other to do so on his behalf) or conduct himself in any manner which compromises or is likely to compromise any of the following:-

    • (a) The Members professional status, independence or impartiality.
    • (b) The Clients freedom to instruct a Surveyor or Engineer of his/her choice.
    • (c) The Members duty to act in the best interest of the Client.
    • (d) The good repute of the Member or of the Institute.
    • (e) The Members proper conduct.
    • (f) The Institutes Treat Clients Honestly and Fairly policy.

Rule 3: Publicity

A Member may publicise his practice using his designated distinguishing letters. No publicity shall contravene the Institute’s Publicity Code as promulgated from time to time by the Board.

Rule 4: Conflicts of Interest

A Member must disclose, in writing, any potential conflict of interest when accepting instructions or performing duties thereafter.

Rule 5: Survey Fees

A Member shall agree with the Client the fee, or the basis for charging fees and expenses, prior to undertaking the survey or consultancy.

Rule 6: Recourse to Disciplinary Action

In the event of a breach of any rule, code or policy of the Institute by a Member, the Board may invoke demotion to a lower grade or category or suspension/revocation of the membership of that person. Such action will not be taken without the Member having first been offered the opportunity to present his case to the Board within the ISSE Disciplinary Rules procedures.

Rule 7: Amendment or Addition to these Rules

The Board may amend or add new Rules to the Code of Professional Conduct and Treat Clients Honestly & Fairly Policy at any time with any such change taking immediate effect following circulation to the membership.

Rule 8: ISSE Treat Clients Honestly & Fairly Policy

Members shall provide their clients with the highest possible standards of service by adherence to the ISSE “Treat Clients honestly& Fairly Policy”. In doing so they endeavour to:-

    • i. Look after clients best interests and treat them honestly and fairly in all aspects of dealings with them.
    • ii. Provide clear information about any service and products offered, including fees and charges.
    • iii. Provide survey assessments /recommendations on a holistic basis, unless the client or other person/company/organisation acting on behalf of the client requests otherwise.
    • iv. Enquire about client’s circumstances, needs and what they want to achieve prior to providing any recommendations.
    • v. Only recommend solutions that are considered appropriate for clients needs.
    • vi. Advise clients that they should advise the member immediately if there is any aspect of the service or product provided by the member that they do not understand.
    • vii. Resolve any queries or complaints raised by clients in a professional, amicable & prompt manner and advise clients who remain unhappy with the service provided by the member that they can have access to the ISSE formal complaints procedure.