Student Membership Benefits

Student Members are entitled to benefit from:

  1. Independent recognition of the members interest in improving and expanding their technical, scientific and business operational knowledge and understanding of matters relating to the construction of new buildings and/or the Condition Assessment, Repair, Maintenance, Improvement and Conservation of existing buildings (including Geology and Archaeology) consistent with Best Practice and Honest/Ethical Behaviour taking into account the health and financial welfare of the occupants.
  1. The highest possible level of pride in holding student membership of an International Institute that provides the highest possible level of service quality assurance to the public by being, amongst other things, in a position to influence UK government policy regarding the construction of new buildings and the Condition Assessment, Repair, Maintenance, Improvement and Conservation of the Built Environment. This via the Institutes membership (one of only 32 full members) of both the Construction Industry Council (CIC) which has its own office in the UK Government Houses of Parliament and the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in addition to its unique partnership with the National Health Service (NHS) via the sister Institute of Buildings and Health (IOBH) and the National Aspergillus Centre (NAC) facility based at the NHS University Hospital Wythenshawe Manchester England.
  2. Access to a wide spectrum of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) based educational training and qualification facilities, ranging from basic Awareness level Accreditation/Reaccreditation Certification (Ofqual RQF Level 1) to Bachelor Degree level equivalent Diploma awards (Ofqual RQF Level 6+) that are independently validated by an Ofqual registered body, the Awarding Body for the Built Environment (ABBE), which provides Professional members with a means of maintaining their existing membership status and all members with a means of enhancing their career prospects at a pace corresponding to their personal capabilities and circumstances, by elevating their status to a higher membership category or grade possibly including Fellowship or even Fellow/College of Fellows status (equivalent to RQF level 7/8 ie: Masters/Phd) subject to fulfilment of the necessary qualifying criteria.

    THE BENEFITS OF ISSE MEMBERSHIP SUBSTANTIALLY EXCEED ANY BENEFITS PROVIDED BY ANY OTHER ORGANISATION (both institutes and non-institutes) reference the benefits comparison chart found here