ISSE MEMBERSHIP INCORPORATES a wide diversity of professional members together with vocational trainees and apprentices, university, college and school age students (with aspirations of attaining ISSE Professional Membership status) in addition to householders simply interested in improving their property, perhaps only on a DIY basis (irrespective of existing knowledge experience or academic qualifications) and contractors who implement repairs, maintenance and improvements (with the intention of positively benefiting the full range of the customer services available from Institute members).

ISSE MEMBERSHIP STATUS is open to anyone, subject to having and maintaining a genuine interest in the condition assessment, repair, maintenance, improvement and/or conservation of properties taking into account the legal obligation to comply with both statutory law, regulations and duty of care to others consistent with Best Practice, Honest and Ethical Behaviour and the financial and health welfare benefit of both themselves and property occupants taking into account aspects such architectural, archaeological, geological and global environmental/resource issues and concerns such as excessive use of energy and materials and protection of the environment.

ISSE PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION IN THE ISSE EDUCATIONAL TRAINING AND QUALIFICATIONS are interdependent with, amongst other things, an annual minimum 25hr CPD fulfilment being required to maintain professional membership status and extra CPD being required to upgrade membership status.

THE EXCEPTIONAL SITUATION CREATED BY THESE UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES is now generating an increasing number of enquiries received from both the public and from NHS doctors, clinicians and consultants who greatly value the potentially illness or disease causing information gathered and reported to them by ISSE members which in effect only require the ISSE member to conduct a holistic in-depth property condition and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audit and issue a related report in a manner that assists the NHS staff with their clinical diagnosis (including both readily apparent aspects such as structural dampness, mould and fungi and invisible aspects such latent defects and air pollution and an appropriate remedial advisory specification). This bearing in mind that the related training guidance and competence assessment based qualifications are now readily available from the ISSE at a pace and tempo to suit the participants lifestyle with little, if any, disruption of the participants usual business weekday commitments due to being available on a weekend basis, in addition to the traditional weekday basis.

IN ADDITION TO THE CORE PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY OF MEMBERSHIP - APPLICABLE FOR INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT SURVEYORS, ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS the ISSE also caters for two other categories of membership comprising: STUDENT MEMBERSHIP which includes anyone interested in participating in the learning process such as university, college and primary school students, trainees, apprentices and even householders who may just be interested on a DIY basis) and BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP which includes any business interested in aligning the service that they provide to clients with the ISSE Best Practice and Honest/Ethical Behavioural Code Of Professional Conduct (COPC) and Treat Clients Honestly & Fairly Policy (TCHFP).

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY APPLICANTS are (other than in very exceptional circumstances) initially assigned AFFILIATE membership status on a provisional basis pending completion of the competence assessment process necessary to determine the range and depth of the applicants existing competence level based upon the submitted documentary evidence.

AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP ENTITLES access to the majority of an ever increasing range of membership benefits including, amongst other things, ISSE/IOBH publications, the ISSE/ABBE Ofqual registered educational training and qualification CPD programme events, general technical support, Building Pathology and forensic expert witness level dispute resolution/mediation/arbitration services and complementary HMRC and HSE investigation inquiry legal and accountancy costs insurance cover (which alone usually costs around a similar amount to if not more than the membership subscription) - although AFFILIATE membership excludes eligibility to claim Institute professional membership, display Institute post nominal professional letters, display the Institute logo and/or receive Institute generated enquiries and following completion of the subsequent higher level competence assessment process successful professional category applicants may be eligible for upgrade to Technician, Associate, Member, Fellow or Fellow/College of Fellows subject to fulfilment of the relevant criteria.

AFFILIATE STATUS MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE to apply, at any time, for upgrade to TECHNICIAN or ASSOCIATE membership status which enables such members to enjoy numerous membership benefits including, amongst other things, displaying the professional post nominal letters TISSE (or T Inst SSE) and access to ISSE/IOBH Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Educational Training Guidance and Qualification events which will improve personal knowledge, competence, confidence, membership status and career enhancement opportunities.

INITIAL PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ASSESSMENTS represent a basic assessment of an applicant’s existing competence level only and do not constitute a detailed definitive assessment of competence as would be conducted when issuing a UK Government Office for Qualifications (Ofqual) regulated and independently verified competence qualification Certificate or Diploma award, which takes into account numerous other factors such as additional self-motivated and/or mentored work experience and participation in an authorised programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including private study and attendance at ISSE guided/mentored educational training and qualification enhancement events together with adoption of the ISSE/IOBH holistic assessment philosophy - reference the ISSE Professional membership status grading levels (Associate, Member, Fellow and Fellow/College of Fellows) being closely aligned with the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF [formerly QCF]) Competence Rating Scale and the related ability to exercise a broad range of autonomy and judgement with a proportionately diminishing need for directional support or guidance from others.

ASSOCIATE STATUS MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE to apply, at any time, for upgrade to full MEMBER status, eventually to FELLOW status and ultimately even FELLOW/COLLEGE OF FELLOWS status, possibly on a fast track basis, dependent upon the member’s ambitions, determination and extent of enhancement of your competence (subject to prior submission of additional documentary evidence necessary to demonstrate that achievement of the required competence level).

THE REQUIRED UPGRADE COMPETENCE LEVEL can be achieved by way of acquiring a proven track record of commitment to CPD participation comprising a combination of work experience, private study, distance learning (currently in the progress of development by the ISSE), attendance at CPD Educational Training Guidance and Qualification events, which range from ISSE Awareness Accreditation event attendance certificate award level (Ofqual competence assessment level 1 or 2) that are available from both the ISSE/IOBH and other authorised organisations to ISSE Specialist Surveyor Accreditation certificate or ISSE/ABBE Diploma level (Ofqual competence assessment level 3, approximately equivalent to “A” level) which entitles holders to display the additional suffix post nominal letters DipSS and ultimately to ISSE Building Pathology/Expert Witness/Dispute Arbitration Accreditation Certificate or ISSE/ABBE Diploma level (Ofqual competence assessment level 6 or 7 [level 6 and 7 approximately equating to Bachelor Degree level and Master Degree level respectively]) which entitles holders to display the additional suffix post nominal letters DipSS (Hons) the level 3 to 7 Certification and Diploma awards being exclusive to the ISSE/IOBH/ABBE partnership.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP STATUS ENTITLES access to additional benefits such as entitlement to display post nominal professional letters ie: TECHNICIAN (T Inst SSE or TISSE), ASSOCIATE (A Inst SSE or AISSE), MEMBER (M Inst SSE), FELLOW (F Inst SSE or FISSE) and FELLOW/COLLEGE OF FELLOWS (FISSE CoF), display the ISSE logo on documentation issued in their personal name, receive Institute generated enquiries, acquire legal and accountancy costs insurance cover relating to HMRC Self-Assessment inquires (provided on a complementary basis - usually costing a similar amount if not more than the ISSE membership subscription when purchased from other sources) and obtain automatic eligibility to be awarded a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) construction site access card issued by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) – ISSE TECHNICIAN grade members are eligible to receive a TECHNICIAN grade card and ISSE ASSOCIATE, MEMBER and FELLOW members are eligible to receive a PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED PERSON (PQP) grade card.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE to apply for business category membership which is divided into two sectors (Corporate and Contractor) with Contractor membership being subdivided into two grades (Associate Contractor and Licensed Contractor) subject to fulfilment of the appropriate criteria. Business membership, the subscriptions of which include the business proprietors professional membership subscriptions, is suitable for members that provide their services on a limited company entitly status and has the benefit of extending to the business the enhanced ISSE membership kudos, entitlement to display the ISSE logo on business documentation and vehicles, access general technical support, access business related Building Pathology and forensic expert witness level dispute resolution/mediation/arbitration services and access the complementary HMRC and HSE investigation inquiry legal and accountancy costs insurance cover. 

IF YOU WISH TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and enjoy the elevated kudos associated with ISSE membership and working closely with the NHS at a substantially higher level within the industry than has been achievable previously which refreshingly includes a UK and Global public health and financial welfare orientated ground breaking step change in the Built Environment Repair, Maintenance and Improvement industry service provision, ISSE members can participate in the ISSE Higher Educational Training and Qualification provision thereby increasing their competence qualification rating level to level 6+ (or possibly level 7 which is approximately equivalent to a Master’s Degree) and become eligible to both display the additional suffix professional letters DipSS (Hons) after your name, apply for upgrade to full Member or even Fellowship status (on a fast track basis) and receive unique related enquiries, all of which is not available from any other source.