ISSE have retained ABBE (Awarding Body of the Built Environment) to prepare a series of 6 x 54 Credit Diploma Awards – 2 of which have been prepared Damp & Timber Diagnostic Surveying and Remediation, Building Health Compliance Diagnostic Surveying and Remediation.

ISSE Approved Centre Certificate

More are now available - please see the current training available:

  • Statutory Duty of Care
  • Statutory Certification
  • Health & Safety Regulations
  • Business Management
  • Complaints
  • Small Construction Projects
  • General Property Surveying
  • Specialist Surveying
  • Dampness, Plumbing, Leaks, Flood & Sewage Contamination
  • Buildings and Human Health Surveying
  • Intruder Security By Design
  • Heritage Conservation Surveying
  • The ISSE Property Condition Audit Service: Holistic Surveying
  • The ISSE Online self-managed secure documentation record keeping and retrieval service

The range of qualifications covers the fields required of a specialist surveyor and both Certificate versions and CPD summaries are also offered and technicians Certificates to implement the necessary works identified.

The Qualification Credit Framework provides the reference for regulated awards and one unit is 10 hours. Certificates are 13 – 36 units and Diplomas 37 units and above.

Thus clients of qualified ISSE surveyors can be confident that the qualifications are assessed and awarded in compliance with the regulations.

ABBE is the leading awarding body of the built environment and has a deservedly high respect among property professionals. The awards are competency-based and thus the qualified surveyor must have produced sufficient evidence of satisfactory work to justify the award.