Customer Services:

Thank you for your enquiry.

Please provide as much of the following information as you are able in order to assist ISSE staff in matching a member that has expertise applicable to the service you require.

You will receive:-

  • An acknowledgement of your enquiry by email or phone (as applicable).
  • Contact by email (or phone) from a ISSE member.
We at the ISSE believe in helping to keep you safe. If you would like one of our members to visit you at home or the property your enquiry deals with you can agreed a password beforehand to help check its them. This is also useful for people with disabilities, or vulnerable people that can't read id cards or business cards. If you wish to use this security password add your password to the box below and we will pass this to the member who we ask to liaise with your on your enquiry, including visiting the property.
Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we need to obtain your consent to keep your personal data/information on our secure records. Please read the submit form below. GDPR With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we need to advise you, that when you submit an enquiry: WE WILL: Retain your information for quality checking and completion of the enquiry Pass your information to a suitably qualified member in your location who is able to carry out the enquiry. Keep all the information supplied by you in both a digital form and a hard copy document. These will be kept secure and safe, limiting access only to ISSE administration Staff. If there was a data breach and your information was involved, we would report this to you and the ICO within 72 hours. WE WON’T: Pass on or sell your information to any marketing company. If you are content with this and give us your consent, please complete and submit this form.