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This service provides a specialist representative that can represent your interests should an
authoritative officer become involved in your project that you are unable to handle personally
eg: an insurance loss assessor, an environmental health officer or a conservation officer

(This service is Unique to ISSE/IOBH Ofqual qualified Specialist Surveyors)

This service provides an independent and impartial specialist representative to assist with remedial work related issues that you are unable to handle personally and can (where applicable) include mediation or arbitration and/or forensic analysis of technical and legal issues by an expert witness suitable for court proceedings.
This service combines a holistic survey with an ISSE/IOBH Health Performance Certificate which when combined with regular repairs, maintenance and improvements (RMI) provide both peace of mind for property owner(s) and occupier(s) and enhancement of the value of the property - similar to how an MOT certificate and periodical service record enhances the value of a motor vehicle - bearing in mind that a property usually represents a much larger investment proposition.
This service provides an independent impartial safe and secure place for storage of your documentation on a self-managed basis suitable for eg: copies of property related legal documentation such as property conveyance (purchase and sale); property condition audit/survey reports, valuation survey reports, property repairs, maintenance & improvements (RMI); alterations & extensions, work specifications, invoices, receipts, guarantees, warranties and statutory duty of care compliance certificates or personal documentation such as birth certificates and wills etc.

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Please select the subject description(s) that best matches the service that you require

eg: Rising Dampness, Penetrating Dampness (Above and/or Below ground level); Timber decay (Dry Rot, Wet Rot and/or Insect Infestation).
eg: structural fabric water repellency, Plumbing, Drainage and Tanking System leaks.
eg: Initial Recovery; Safe Hygienic Decontamination and Drying of residual water, Sewage and/or Mould contamination, Recurrence Mitigation.
eg: Initial Recovery; Hygienic Decontamination and Drying of residual water and Mould contamination, Recurrence Mitigation.

eg: Assessment of excess water vapour (Humidity and condensation) and various irritant and/or infectious and/or carcinogenic agents such as:- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) eg: Mould, Fungi, Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) eg: Bacteria such as Legionella; Fibres eg: Fibreglass, Rockwool, & Asbestos and Chemical compounds eg: Fire retardants, paints * cleaning products associated with the adverse health of property occupants eg: Chronic, Acute and sometimes fatal Respiratory diseases such as Fungal asthma, Aspergillosis, and Pneumonia & Legionellosis.


eg: Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Diffuse Knapweed, Oriental Bittersweet, Whitetop, etc
eg: Structural Design, Structural Fabric, Geological Features, Archaeological Features
eg: Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements (RMI), Alterations, Extensions.

Please note that the ISSE in an all-inclusive organisation which anyone can join as a member on either a professional or even just on a personal interest basis which provides amongst other things complementary insurance for legal and accountancy costs should you encounter an HMRC or HSE investigation along with access to technical support and a wide range of educational training guidance facility programmes at a level to suit members personal circumstances should you wish to participate.

We at the ISSE believe in helping to keep you safe. If you would like one of our members to visit you at home or the property your enquiry deals with you can agreed a password beforehand to help check its them. This is also useful for people with disabilities, or vulnerable people that can't read id cards or business cards. If you wish to use this security password add your password to the box below and we will pass this to the member who we ask to liaise with your on your enquiry, including visiting the property.