ISSE Complaints Procedure

ISSE members value their membership and uphold the Institute’s aim to uphold and raise standards.

ISSE surveyors must fulfil CPD requirements and ISSE became a registered assessment centre in 2013 launched with ABBE ( Awarding Body of the Built Enviroment) a comprehensive suite of regulated Diploma Qualifications thus raising standards further.

The ISSE contractor scheme was re-launched on a pilot basis in 2013 after 15 years absence in the market place as a response to continuing poor standards in the Industry and following the Which Magazine of 2011 where a review of 22 surveys by 11 companies, none ISSE members and companies failed to diagnose penetrating damp and a burst pipe and many recommended installation of a new damp proof course when that was not necessary.

Thus as the new qualifications and licensed contractors scheme gains strength and numbers standards should rise again.

While even with improved training and contractor compliance some times issues will arise where ISSE members could be fallible. There have been extremely few complaints about ISSE standards or our members over 30 plus years and the Institute outlines the subject matter that can be complained of and the procedure below.

Subject matter of complaint – (we will advise of any variations that may be included in exceptional cases.)

  • Complaint about personal conduct of a member – ISSE has a code of behaviour which recognises respect for the views of others while allowing the member to put forward his views in a reasoned and substantiated way.  The Code also advocates being fair to clients.

  • Complaint about a Professional opinion such as a report. ISSE education recognises competence in surveyors and should a report fail to meet the reasonable expectations of the client the surveyor is responsible for providing further information or revision of the report to reflect at least the minimum standards that such a report should contain.

  • Complaint about work undertaken by a Contractor such as installation of a damp proof course. ISSE can investigate this by a visit to the property and evaluation of this matter.

  • Complaint under guarantee from the Contractor such as reoccurrence of rising damp within length of time and the terms and condition of the guarantee.

Matters that cannot be complained of –

Quotations and values of work.

Time keeping for appointments.

However should ISSE see evidence of not upholding ethics and standards of behaviour including reasonable value for works within the Industry ISSE will review these as required.

ISSE decisions are not legally binding and the procedure will not preclude or affect your legal rights. Should the member leave or die prior to conclusion of the review then we would consult further with in those circumstances.

ISSE will insofar as it’s possible to take into account consumer regulations and law when evaluating the matter. As the ISSE has a review procedure designed to help resolve matters it’s likely that the alternative legal channels will advise waiting until ISSE has completed its’ review.

No review of consequential losses such as lost earnings time off work or decorations can be included.

Procedure to bring forward a complaint – (we will advise of any variations arising in exceptional cases that may be required )

The complaint must have been put in writing by the client to the member or company.

A period of 8 weeks must elapse to allow time for the member or company to respond from initial enquiry to final response.

The copy letters including the final response from the member must be sent to ISSE with copies of original documentation issued by the member or company. Quotations for work from other companies will not usually be admissible.

Photographs will be of great assistance and these with the required copy documentation should wherever possible be sent electronically to facilitate review by designated ISSE members and specialists.

The Client must pay a minimum anticipated fee to ISSE of £120 where the issue does not require a visit to the property and a minimum anticipated fee of £220 where this will include a visit. Costs of any exposure work required or off site testing must also be paid by the client. Travelling costs may also arise and will be notified in advance to the client.

The member shall also pay a similar fee.

In the event that the complaint is upheld the fee to the client will be refunded and the member must pay that directly to the client. Should that not occur ISSE will pay the fee.

Should the complaint be not upheld the fees will be retained by ISSE.

ISSE would aim to complete the average anticipated complaint review within 3 months or sooner.

ISSE will respond finally within a 6 month period unless for justifiable reason notified to the client to the contrary.

The client may appeal with written reasons the decision or final position by notifying the ISSE and the decision will be reviewed by the Board of the ISSE within a 3 month period wherever possible.

Should this decision be unacceptable the client can refer the matter for further consideration with any further evidence obtained for example from a suitably qualified independent surveyor or engineer mutually agreed and jointly paid for by the client and ISSE member.  ISSE will review the position with a further response taking the independent views into account.