ISSE Property Condition Audit

The ISSE Property Condition Audit is an extensive structure record. The condition of the building is inspected and a narrative outlines the main features of the property and their function.

The template completed by the ISSE home inspector records the condition of the property at the time of inspection – a snapshot in time. Thus the Home Log is the starting point for clients wishing to record the details of their property and is especially useful when selling a property. Subsequent repairs and improvements can be logged as these are undertaken. At the point of sale, the Home Log establishes and records a full description, therefore, allowing a valuation surveyor to audit the works undertaken and underpin the value.

The ISSE Property Condition Audit is designed to become the host survey document, embracing property inspection checklist, the external condition report, the internal room by room walk-through inspection, observations arising from these and recommendations. The ISSE Property Condition Audit is designed to be updated as required and as the property is improved. It can also serve as a useful tool in property sales and purchase and in insurance claims following a disaster if a pre-existing condition report was in place the claim is made easier.